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Welcome to Fox-Com Australia.

Fox-Com has been the leading Australian supplier of motorcycle communications systems and quality accessories for over 20 years. At Fox-Com we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and our after-sales service. Please note that although we specialise in radio products for motorcycling, these same products have other applications, limited only by your imagination

Chatterbox XBI Bluetooth

Wireless intercom from rider to passenger

Chatterbox XBI


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CB 50

Rider to Passenger intercom system

Rider to Passenger

Key Features CB50

  • Full duplex communication, just like a telephone.
  • Full stereo headset
  • A rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Interfaces to (some) mobile phones
  • The new noise reduction technology will reduce those annoying wind, road and engine noises.

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Alarm System


HJC-2002 Remote Control Alarm System


  • This system features:
  • A 110db alarm
  • An engine immobolizer!
  • Vehicle tamper notification
  • 5 second arming delay
  • Adjustable electromagnetic shock sensor
  • Dual button remote control
  • LED warning light
  • Vehicle locator
  • Low battery drain

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Chatterbox X2

Rider to Rider with passenger intercom system

Rider to Rider

Key features of this unit are:

  • 14 Channel radio tuned to Australian approved frequencies (no licence required) Up to 4Km range
  • System is self contained - no wiring to the bike required
  • Voice activation for hands free use
  • An intercom feature to talk to your pillion (additional headset required)
  • Stereo playback from a Walkman® type radio/music player
  • An interface to (some) mobile phones
  • Music playback is suppressed when microphones are in use
  • 38 Talk Groups

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Touring Headset

The Chatterbox Noise reducing headset incorporates a dynamic microphone and quality stereo speakers designed to reduce ambient noise while enhancing voice clarity and music fidelity. These units plug directly into most manufacturer's (OEM) communication systems

Touring Headset

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In Line Amplifier/Splitter


The amplifier will fit most portable cassette players, CDs, MP3 players etc. It plugs in between the player and the existing headphones, hence the reference to 'in-line' amplifier.It makes an ideal companion for our HJC-Solo and Chatterbox Mini Headset.

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Chatterbox X1-Bluetooth

Rider to Rider with passenger intercom system

Chatterbox X1

Key features:

  • Hi-Fi Noise reducing headset
  • Large illuminated LCD display
  • VOX (voice activated)
  • PTT (push to talk)
  • Full duplex intercom
  • Bluetooth wireless connection to phone, audio, or GPS in stereo sound
  • High capacity rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Available for full and open face helmets
  • Up to 8 Km of coverage
  • 22 channels 38 talk groups

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Daytona Hot Grips


Daytona Heated Grips

Made in Japan

Daytona Heated Grips are a recognised quality product providing essential heat for the riders hands during winter months. Simple fitting, with easy wire lead connections

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Ultra mini speakers


Ultra Mini stereo speakers

mini speakers

The Chatterbox Ultra Mini stereo speakers are the same speakers used in the Chatterbox line of intercoms.
These speakers are very thin for an unobtrusive fit in your helmet, yet provide amazing fidelity.

Connected to iPOD, MP3 players, CD Players, etc

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